The Original Geisha Walking Tour in English (Est.2002).

Enjoy a leisurely walk through Kyoto’s scenic geisha districts filled with facts and fun stories from Peter MacIntosh’s three decades of research and experiences in the flower and willow world.

Peter will take you through his neighbourhoods (an active geisha district) while advising on how to take photographs of this world. The walking lecture will last approximately 90 minutes. It will take you through streets lined with old wooden houses and hidden alleyways in Kyoto’s world-renowned geisha districts as the geiko/maiko make their way to their evening engagements. While answering your questions, Peter will give you an insider’s view into the past, present and future of this unique and exotic world. (There is no 100% guarantee that we will see maiko/geiko during the walk, but it is likely)

During the walk, There are some great photo opportunities, so don’t forget your camera. Peter will point out great spots and the proper etiquette when taking your photographs as you make your way through the geisha districts.

Peter is a professional photographer and one of the world’s top foreign geisha culture experts. His photographs of geisha have been exhibited worldwide, and he is the director, writer and producer of the 2009 documentary “Real Geisha Real Women” and worked as a location scout for Hollywood’s “Memoirs of a Geisha.” From 2008-2017, he created and taught a course on geisha culture at a Kansai University and has MC’ed many Geisha related events domestically and internationally and was the first non-Japanese to take geisha abroad without the use of a native Japanese intermediary.

Start: 4:30-6:00pm

Price: ¥15,000~

Meeting Place: In front of the Minamiza Kabuki theater

*Pick up at hotel available for this service for an extra ¥5,000 (up to 3 max)

Terms and Conditions/Disclaimer

Real Geisha Real Women and/or Peter MacIntosh are not in any way responsible for anything lost, stolen or damaged, or accidental injuries during our services.

We recommend that customers with small children pay special attention to their safety because there are many narrow streets with many scooters and bicycles passing by.

*Due to the delicate nature of traditional Japanese architecture and crafts, you will be held responsible for any financial compensation for any damaged or broken goods that occurred during the service.