As well as geisha culture events in Kyoto and throughout Japan, he gives lectures, interprets and Mc’s internationally and was the first westerner to take the geisha abroad to do so without a Japanese intermediary

2019-“ Real Geisha Real Stories” Lecture and Performance West Coast series (USA)

Portland, Oregon

Santa Monica, California-Santa Monica /College-Edgemar Center for the Arts Los Angeles, California

Pasadena, California-Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden

2018-“Geisha Renaissance”-Brooklyn/NYC, U.S.A

2008- “Festival of World Cultures” (Dún Laoghaire, Ireland)

2008-Private Party-(Amsterdam-Holland) 

2007- e-Bookers Event- Savoy Theater (Helsinki. Finland)

2006/08-Festival of Japan- North Yorkshire, England)

2006-New York Times travel Fair-(New York, USA)

2004-“Twilight of the Flowers”-documentary- debut-(Geneva, Switzerland)

2004-“Geisha-Past, Present,” Future”-Yerba Bueana Center (San Francisco USA)